The Annual Open Forum Digital Experience

Join The Top Minds In The Field And Discover The Latest Breakthroughs In Golf Science & Instruction.

An event like no other...

Behind closed doors, the brightest minds in golf instruction and science gathered in the Third Annual Open Forum to share their insights, discuss their latest breakthroughs in understanding the game, and reveal how instructors can apply this knowledge when instructing students.

Through eye-opening dissertations and expert panels, you'll discover the latest science being used by top coaches to enhance the skills of their players.

The entire event was recorded and is now available in digital format inside an exclusive members area. Over six hours of exciting footage that you can review and learn from at your own pace and schedule.

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Event Highlights

Introductory Remarks

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Here's more of what you'll discover...

  • Brian Manzella (Golf Digest's Top 50 List) uses Trackman and SwingCatalyst to explain what actually happens during the swing, while giving two hands on lessons in the first ever Open Forum live lesson.

  • Rob Houlding (Canada's 2013 Teacher Of The Year) uses his uncanny understanding of physics and biomechanics to demonstrate live how a student can quickly develop longer, more precise drives by boosting power from the ground up.

  • Dr Young H Kwon (world renowned biomechanist) introduced by Chris Como, delivers an insightful lecture focused on foot-to-ground interaction and how it affects the player's performance.

  • A panel of PhDs in biomechanics explain their understanding of force vector directions and magnitudes, how to create longer moment arms and what patterns of ground to use. They also tackle important questions about applying the ground force reaction concepts to coach golfers to turn them into more powerful athletes.

  • Stats Revolution! A panel of experts in the area of golf statistics discuss the latest trends. Columbia Professor Mark Broadie, author of Every Shot Counts explains why the development of the concept of "strokes gained" is revolutionizing statistical analysis in golf. A unique perspective on the tools being used to collect data and how instructors can interpret it to better advise players during practice time given their particular strengths and weaknesses.

  • A massive panel of ten expert speakers go into detail about how biofeedback tools are used to help the player improve control over the golf ball and how by applying changes in the motor patterns can dramatically improve swinging skills. Included in the group are TPI co-founders Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips and TPI golf fitness stars Lance Gill & Mark Blackburn. Joined with these experts in the body/swing connection were Trillium Rose, a graduate student of Motor Learning at Columbia University, Liam Mucklow, founder of the GolfLab in Ontario, CA and Matt Wilson, co-author of the Curious Coaches blog.

  • Dr Phil Cheetham (Sports biomechanist for the USOC) presents his PhD dissertation looking at how handle twist velocity (aka "Rate of Closure") impacts the power or consistency on tour pros. Tyler Ferrell joins in to bridge the gap between the science and how a coach would use these findings.

  • Dr. Sasho MacKenzie (PhD in Biomechanics) along with Chris Como sprint through a talk about Center of Mass and Center of Pressure - and dives into discuss how the golfer delivers energy to the clubhead using his forward-dynamics model. Some of the conclusions will astonish you.

  • Trackman, K-vest and Gears Golf present live demonstrations of the value of their technology for the audience.

  • And much more... No stone was left un-turned when covering the topics and answering inquisitive questions from the audience.

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